Chinook Pass Cabin Owners Association     

2011 Field Trip Reports

CPCOA Field Trips are a wonderful way to meet your fellow cabin owners while learning more about the Chinook Pass area.   Listed below are reports from the 2011 field trips.   Full resolution of pictures is available by clicking on the image.

If you have any questions please contact Carl Buchholz at

September 3, 2011: Bull Trout Spawning Field Trip 

Laura England and Ashton Bunch from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife led this field trip. As Interns with the Bull Trout Task Force, they have spent the past summer educating the public about bull trout in the Yakima Basin. Laura and Ashton gave an excellent introduction to the biology, life cycle, identification, and status of the bull trout in our area. They even had a program for the children!

After the presentations we walked over to Union Creek and watched several bull trout in the crystal clear shallow water guarding nest sites and males chasing other males away from the females they were claiming.

It was an excellent field trip with everybody from young children to adults have a good time learning about the threaten fish that lives right next to our cabins. The well being of these fish has an impact on cabin owners and what we can do on our lots. Bull trout need cold clear water with the proper cover to successfully spawn. The fact that we can not use hazard trees near bodies of water for fire wood is because of these and other fish.

September 24, 2011: Bumping Lake Geology Field Trip

This field trip was led by Kelsey Collins and David Huycke. They presented information about the geology of the Bumping Lake area with the main emphasize on the glaciations in the area, but they also discussed the Mt. Aix caldera which goes through Bumping Lake.

Then we went over to the lateral moraine near the spillway. Some people had not been to the old growth area(which Jack Nelson called the Sanctuary), so we walked among the huge trees and observed the dense growth, mushrooms, moss, and ferns. It is amazing how you can walk a short distance and go from a sparse lodge pole pine forest growing on glacial moraines to an old growth forest.

Kelsey then discussed why Bumping lake is being considered for expansion and if the new dam is built were the footprint of the new lake would be.

Since this trip was scheduled for late in the season, it was poorly attended. However, Kelsey and David said they would be happy to lead this trip again if there is interest. Please let Carl know if you would be interested in attending this trip in 2012.