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The area from the Nile Valley up to Chinook and Naches Passes possesses a rich cultural history that has been documented in a variety of ways.

Chinook Pass Cabin Tracts

Web Resources


Books that are out of print can often be found on Amazon or at some used book stores in the area.

  • "Nothing in Life is Free: Through Naches Pass to Puget Sound" by Della Gould Emmons
    This is an historical novel about the first wagon train that went over the Naches Pass, which was selected as the official book commemorating the Washington territorial centennial.
  • "We Never Got Away"  by Jack Nelson
    In this book, Jack Nelson has recorded anecdotes, biographies, observations, stories and general information of the many years he and his wife Kitty spent working for the Bureau of Reclamation at Bumping Lake.
    Publisher: Franklin Press (January 1, 1965)   Out of Print
    ASIN: B001WB88M8
  • "Beyond the Bend: A History of the Nile Valley"  by Gretta Petersen Gossett
    Over many years, the {Nile Women’s Club}.of the Nile Valley gathered many oral histories from the area about the original pioneers of the valley and published them in this book.  Though out of print for many years, the Naches Ranger Station often carries copies for sale.
    Publisher: Ye Galleon Press (1979)   Out of Print
  • "Of Men and Mountains.  A book of Adventure Physical and Spiritual in the Mountains of the Pacific Northwest"  by William O. Douglas
    Memoirs of former Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, his love and passion for the spirit of adventure in the wild mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  
    Publisher: The Lyons Press; (Sept 1, 2001)  
    ISBN-10: 1585743968
  • "Roadside Geology of Mount Rainier National Park and Vicinity"  by Patrick T. Pringle
    This is excellent book on the geology covering our cabin area with  details alone highways 12 and 410 from Yakima to Chinook Pass. A basic geological background would be helpful because geological terms are use extensively. There are 190 pages with many color pictures.
    Publisher: Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources Information, Circular 107, June 2008 Available from: Washington State Department of Printing General Store
    Cost: $19.02 including tax and shipping

Map Resources

  • Geological Hazards for Chinook and White Pass Areas (pdf)
    This is a map that CPCOA requested from Yakima County GIS to show it's members all the areas where land slide hazards exist in the Chinook Pass area.   
    Note: this is a very large file.   It may take many minutes to load even on high speed Internet links.