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Summer 2024 Field Trip

July 27th Field Trip - Rocks and Fossils led by Carl Buchholz on Saturday July 27th at 1:00. We will meet at Kaner Flats campground. Bring the entire family-especially the kids.


Recreation Residence Self-Inspections

In many areas, such as the Naches District,  the FS has shifted to periodic spot-checks when time allows or when a cabin is changing hands—making it even more important to complete and turn in the self-inspection form they request each year.

All permit administrators or district rangers use Form FS-2700-6b, the Recreation Residence Self Inspection Report, as the foundation of the report and adapt for local conditions and permit terms. Typically, the local FS office will mail a copy of the self-inspection form to the permittee’s address of record in the late spring and request it be completed and returned by the end of summer. This will provide you with a good reason to visit your cabin this weekend and get your report filed in a timely manner.

I am encouraging you to fill out form  FS 2700-6b and send it to:

or mail it to:
Lenna Cherry, Resource Specialist 
10237 US Hwy 12
Naches, WA. 98937

The reasons are simple:

  • Keeps your cabin safe and in repair.
  • It ensures you are in compliance with your permit terms.

Download the Recreation Residence Self-Inspection Report


NFH Proposal for allocation and expenditure of Retained REcreation Residence Special Use Fees

Board members Mark Blondin and Wayne Bell are working on gathering information from all cabin owners regarding what is needed in the forest and cabin areas to improve area use. They will be meeting with District Ranger Jason Emhoff within the next few months to help with the process of determining the best use of the funds to be received on an annual basis. Download the Proposal


Additional Field Trips

Suzy Cyr has agreed to work on 2024 Fields Trips. She is looking for ideas that pique your interests. In the past we have had geology, history, flowers, trees, mushrooms, and more. If you have any ideas for field trips, please email Suzy at


2024 President's Welcome Letter

Download the letter from the President to CPCOA members.

National Forest Homeowners - Reasons to Join the NFH

Cabin for SaleNational Forest Homeowners - Cabins for Sale Listings

The NFH will be launching an online Cabin For Sale listing service at the Spring Conference in San Diego on May 3rd 2019.  In their desire to populate their new service with cabin for sale listings, the NFH asked CPCOA to forward this message to cabin owners in our organization who currently have their cabin for sale. The service will be available to NFH members at no cost.  To learn more, please ask the NFH to send you a brief email message with your personal contact information. Send your inquiry to and they will follow up with cabin owners individually.

Meeting Minutes

Download PDF files for the following meetings:

Archived Meeting Minutes

NYCD Crew chipping slash pruned from around a cabin in Fall 2016

Cabin Tracks - the CPCOA Newsletter

Cabin Tracks Includes articles from the CPCOA President, information on this year's field trips, proposed changes to the by-laws and much more!


Archived Cabin Tracts

Archived Meeting Minutes