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2014 Field Trips

Here's the latest info on this year's CPCOA Field Trips!   Join your friends and neighbors on one of these great opportunities to meet other cabin owners while learning more about the area around our cabins.

Be sure to sign up early for any trips you have planned and check back here to get the latest information as plans do change.

Here's this year's CPCOA field trips, and do we have some good ones this year!

If you never been on one, check out the 2013, 2012, 2011 or 2010 CPCOA Field Trip Reports to get a better feel for what they are like.

If you have any questions or have ideas on future field trips, please contact
Carl Buchholz at

If you have any questions please contact Carl Buchholz at

Saturday, July 12: Geology 

LEADER: Dr. Paul Hammond

Starting Location: Intersection of Highway 410 and the Bumping Lake road

Final destination: end of Deep Creek road

Time: meet at Noon and LEAVE at 12:10 PM

Bring (if you have them): rock hammer, eye protection, gloves, hand lens, binoculars.

Rest spots along the way: Bumping Lake campground, horse camp near the end, and Deep Creek camp. Planned geology stops: 2 stops along road to the dam, Bumping Lake dam, Deep Creek falls, old quarry, miner's camp, road cuts, and Deep Creek camp.

One of Paul's comments: " The Deep Creek road traverses the heart of the Mt. Aix caldera, 25 m.yrs. old, one of the largest volcanoes in the ancestral Cascade Range, larger than Crater Lake. Oregon".

Saturday, August 16: Copper City History Walk

Time: 1:00 pm
LEADER: Suzy Cyr
Meet-up Location: Entrance to Copper City on the Forest Service road 2008 (Deep Creek) next to the Copper City Sign.
CONTACT: Carl Buchholz or 509-966-4861

Suzy Cyr will once again lead a history walk, only this time it's to Copper City! For those who are not aware of the area's history, there was a pretty good sized mining operation up Deep Creek (south of Bumping Lake) during the first half of last century. While the last of the buildings is pretty much gone, there are still a lot of foundations to see and a lot of history to learn!

Don't miss this trip! The Forest Service is working on a plan to do an environmental cleanup of the site so this could be your last chance to see the site as it exists today.

Suggestions: Be sure to leave extra time to get up there. It's a pretty rough dirt road from the entrance to the Forest Service Bumping Lake Campground up Deep Creek to the site. Count on it taking 25-30 minutes for just this part of the drive, and take it nice and easy. You don't need a 4 wheel drive vehicle, but there is a lot of ruts and holes to avoid. Better yet, car pool up with a neighbor to conserve on parking space and fuel!

Saturday September 6, 2014: Thundereggs!

Time: Noon to whenever you want
LEADER: Carl Buchholz
Meet-up Location: Kaner Flats Campground on the Little Naches Road. Then we will drive to the site which is off Forest Service road 1901, park and walk 15 minutes up a trail.
CONTACT: Carl Buchholz or 509-966-4861

Suggested Things to Bring: stout round pointed shovel, stout bar about six feet long, rock hammer, cold chisel, pack and / or bucket with good handle (for carrying things in and thundereggs out), gloves, plenty of water especially if hot, hat, lunch if you didn't already eat it. If you don't have all the suggested equipment come any way, somebody will share. I have several bars and rock hammers.

The thundereggs are in a heavy compact clay and you need stout tools to remove them.

Email Carl Buchholz at or call 509 966-4861.